Faith Formation

(formerly known as CCD or Religious Education)

The life of the Christian can be described as a journey through, in, and with Christ to God the Father. In order to walk this path authentically and properly, it is necessary to understand how to relate to God. We need to know not only how to live but what it means to live to the fullest the gift of life God has granted to us. With that in mind, the most pressing question of humankind is: what is our purpose? Stated another way, what is my goal?

Here we arrive at the vital importance of faith formation or religious education. The purpose of faith formation is to give direction to our life. Through understanding what God has revealed to us out of love, our journey through life is illuminated by truth. As Pope Benedict XVI wrote, truth is necessary for the authentic development of the human person. We need the truth in order to know how to live.

The teaching of the Catholic Church nourishes her children with the words of truth, that they may live in Christ, living their lives abundantly and to the fullest (cf. Jn 10:10). Faith formation seeks not only to set the goal of Christ and eternal life before us, but to show us how to reach these ends.

The parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative offer a variety of faith formation programs for children and adults. Simply click on the links below to view and register for individual programs. 


Adult Faith Formation


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