Pastor Notes

September 2018

Sep 28

September 30, 2018

Friends, Saturday, September 22nd was the first day of Autumn. There are many people who consider this their favorite season. They enjoy the cooler air, the fall flowers, the change in foliage, the anticipation of sitting before the fireplace, the baseball playoffs and World Series, the football season, the Thanksgiving holiday, Halloween, and...
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Sep 21

September 23, 2018

Friends, I will go out on a limb by saying I believe that our religious education teachers and staff are truly among the unsung heroes in the Collaborative. Think about it: most parents, if they enroll their children in “CCD” probably never even meet the adults who instruct their children in the faith. We just presume they will be...
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Sep 14

September 16, 2018

Friends, “They say” that only 25% of voters went to the polls for the Massachusetts primary elections on September 4th. “They say” that there are more registered “independents” in this state than there are Republicans or Democrats. “They say” those who don’t vote may play a greater role in...
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Sep 7

September 9, 2018

Friends, I returned from my vacation on August 26. I had two weeks of wonderful weather which I experienced in Mystic, Connecticut; Marshfield, and the Cape. I did a lot of reading, walking, thinking, and resting. It’s not easy for me to take a vacation, because I get very attached to my responsibilities in the Collaborative. But I also...
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