Pastor Notes

September 2017

Sep 29

October 1, 2017

Friends, All organized religions are experiencing major changes. Some adapt to the culture and thrive, others are just surviving. I believe Pope Francis realizes that the Catholic church has to evolve as humanity evolves. He knows that our teaching and beliefs can be expressed in ways that make more sense to the people of our day. He also has...
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Sep 22

September 24, 2017

Friends, I was reading a book recently and the author was describing a person’s relationship with a hotel room. As I read it, I thought “this would fit nicely into one of my columns in “Pastor Notes.” This is what she wrote…. “A hotel room is a place to be when you are doing something else. Of itself it is...
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Sep 15

September 17, 2017

Friends, We continue to pursue the Wish List which we presented to the parishioners at St Pius X parish. We replaced the roof and renovated the front entrance, put in new windows and painted the interior of the Church. We are about to begin a major phase in the renovation project. We have been told that we have to remove asbestos in the floor...
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Sep 8

September 10, 2017

Friends, Most priests visit their parishioners at hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabs, if possible. Of course, as our responsibilities change, it is sometimes difficult to make those personal visits (and traffic doesn’t help). It’s always a privilege to offer those who are sick communion and the Sacrament of the Sick, as well....
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Sep 1

September 3, 2017

Friends, As your pastor, one of my responsibilities is to be aware of our financial situation. Each of our parishes needs to be self-supporting. Canonically (Church law), one parish is not able to financially support another parish. That is why we have three distinct finance councils in the Collaborative.  This summer I have noticed a...
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