Pastor Notes

November 2018

Nov 23

November 25, 2018

Friends, “Our hearts are like magnets. They attract everything. We must choose what to keep and what to let go.” These words were spoken by Pope Francis and I find them profound. Think about it: the heart is affected by everything we say or do and by all that others say and do in our presence. Our hearts are also touched by all that...
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Nov 16

November 18, 2018

Friends, Every year I ask myself, as I write this column: “What can I say that is new about Thanksgiving?” I try to think of a different angle or some profound insight that will enlighten us all. As I was thinking last week, I realized that with all the changes that take place technologically in our everyday world, and the need we...
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Nov 9

November 11, 2018

Friends, I had the privilege of celebrating Mass at Boston College high School on All Saints Day. There are 1,600 students (including Grades 7 through 12). This was my first time being present for any of their liturgies. As you may know, B.C. High is in an ideal location beside UMass/Boston, and their facilities are equal to the best....
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Nov 2

November 4, 2018

Friends,   I want to write about two aspects of parish life that can be taken for granted and yet are vital to the health of the Church. We just celebrated a funeral for a wonderful gentleman from Most Precious Blood Parish who was a true pillar of the Church. The amount of time he spent not only at the church in various ministries, but...
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