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Pastor Notes

November 2017

Nov 24

November 26, 2017

Friends, I have my annual class reunion from St. John Seminary coming up on December 5 at St. Brigid rectory in Lexington. One of my classmates is the pastor there and he has been hosting it the past few years. We are one of the few classes that gather every year. We invite only those who were ordained with us. I remember organizing our 15th...
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Nov 17

November 19, 2017

Friends, On behalf of the staff of the Blue Hills Collaborative, Fr. Charles and I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday (holy day). I strongly encourage you to join us this Thursday, November 23 at our morning masses, either at 7:30 am (St. Anne) or 9 am (Most Precious Blood). I’m convinced that our own...
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Nov 10

November 12, 2017

Friends, We have a lot of opportunities to broaden our horizons and to expand our understanding if we are willing to listen. I was raised to know right from wrong and was held accountable for poor choices in my life. I had a good family structure and knew that I always had to answer to someone. I pretty much accepted everything I was told as...
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Nov 3

November 5, 2017

Friends, People always ask me how I always come up with something to write in the Pastor’s Column. At times it comes to me automatically because of issues in the world, the church or my own life. Other times it is the result of something I have read or learned that gets me excited about the possibility of sharing it with you. I never...
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