Pastor Notes

May 2018

May 25

May 27, 2018

Friends, Fr. Charles and I will be at the parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative 4 years on June 3. We are so grateful to so many of our parishioners and friends for your welcoming spirit and affirmation since our arrival. As you know, it was our choice to come to Most Precious Blood, St. Pius X, and St. Anne. We realize how challenging the...
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May 18

May 20, 2018

Friends,  I’m not convinced that any of us (including me) truly appreciate what it means to have God’s Spirit dwelling within us. If someone asked me what the human spirit is all about, I would say it is the will to live and to overcome anything that threatens us. That spirit is innate and is also what drives us to protect...
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May 11

May 13, 2018

Friends, Fr. Charles, myself, and the staff of the Blue Hill Collaborative wish all of the women of our parishes a very happy Mother’s Day. This time of year, which brings good weather, blooming flowers, and high hopes, also gives us the opportunity to celebrate the presence of women in our families, our Church and our world. Years ago,...
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May 4

May 6, 2018

Friends, When I grew up it was called the sermon, but since the days of Vatican II it is now called a homily. I’m talking about the reflection given normally by the priest/deacon following the gospel. The words of the homily are usually meant to give us deeper insight into the readings of that weekend’s Masses. Some priests may...
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