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Pastor Notes

May 2017

May 26

June 4, 2017

Friends, As we celebrate the creation of the Blue Hills Collaborative of June 3, 2014, we are grateful to the parishioners of St Anne, St Adalbert, St Joseph, St Pius X and Most Precious Blood for their willingness to support our parishes and the Collaborative. Everyone at the 5 parishes of Hyde Park has a history. Those stories are vital to...
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May 26

May 28, 2017

Friends, This is Memorial Day weekend, one of the most sacred holidays in our wonderful country. The respect we have for our deceased is inspirational, and the adulation we have for those who gave their lives over the years to assure our freedom is unassailable. This weekend also encourages us to visit the cemeteries where many of our loves...
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May 19

May 21, 2017

Friends,  I recently read a great book by Bruce Feiler titled "The First Love Story; Adam, Eve and Us." First of all, I am not a fundamentalist who takes the creation story literally. It was written as a myth because no words could possibly capture the story of God's love poured forth in time. Our ancestors told stories in an...
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May 12

May 14, 2017

Friends, Happy Mother’s Day to the women of our parishes and community. I begin by acknowledging that Mother’s Day will not be celebrated by some because of recent losses or traumatic backgrounds. I always believe it is healthy to recognize that we all do not have equal life experiences. Some live with a lot more pain than others....
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May 5

May 7, 2017

Friends,  Today, May 7th, is World Day of Prayer for Vocations. We surely have expanded our horizons from the day when we believed you either had a vocation or you didn't. That was when "vocation" only referred to a call to the priesthood or religious life. We have broadened our understanding and appreciation of the belief that...
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