Pastor Notes

March 2018

Mar 30

April 1, 2018

Friends, For most Catholics, the celebration of the Resurrection is a major aspect of our faith. Our belief that “something” took place after the death and burial of Christ is what we celebrate at Easter. Do I know exactly what happened 2000 years ago after the crucifixion? No. The gospel stories tell us in different accounts that...
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Mar 23

March 25, 2018

Friends, This is Palm Sunday weekend and begins the most sacred week of the Church year. Lent will be ending as we begin the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Holy Saturday), which leads us in a dramatic way to the celebration of Easter. In my notes this weekend I want to do all I can to encourage you to participate in our Holy...
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Mar 16

March 18, 2018

Friends, This weekend throughout the Archdiocese of Boston, the country and many other places in this wonderful world we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve said before that there are many Catholics in our society today who are not so much spiritually Catholic as they are culturally Catholic. So when someone describes themselves...
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Mar 9

March 11, 2018

Friends, I can’t tell you how excited I was to be browsing among the shelves in Barnes & Noble recently and came across the latest book by John Shelby Spong titled, “Unbelievable.” He is a retired Episcopal Bishop and a prolific author. He has been writing books since 1973 and claims this to be his final contribution to...
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Mar 2

March 4, 2018

Friends, I’m going to ask you to consider doing something that you have decided not to do in the past, possibly for very good reasons. I’m suggesting that you reconsider contributing to the Annual Archdiocesan Catholic Appeal. I realize that this idea may be very offensive to some who have made a conscious decision not to...
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