Pastor Notes

March 2017

Mar 31

April 2, 2017

Friends,  When people talk most about praying, I believe they really mean “saying prayers,” e.g., many people say prayers in the morning or before they go to bed. Some say prayers before meals. In many of these cases, I am guessing that the majority of the prayers are probably recited as a ritual that has become a part of their...
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Mar 24

March 26, 2017

Friends, If you read our bulletin each week, this is a continuation of last week’s Pastor Notes. I wrote about the A and B of temptations in American culture; Accumulation and Becoming non-religious. This week I will tackle the C word; Competition. It seems in our culture today that for too many of us it’s all about me. I...
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Mar 17

March 19, 2017

Friends, I’d like to share with you 3 temptations that seem to be prevalent in the American culture today. I call them the ABC’s. A is for accumulation. There used to be a bumper sticker that read “The one who dies with the most toys, wins.” That mentality is what I’m talking about. It is typical by our obsession...
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Mar 10

March 12, 2017

Friends,  I tend to be a very outgoing personality, so I enjoy meeting people and having conversations. I also ask a lot of questions which can be invasive to some people. The purpose of the questions is so that eventually we will realize what we have in common. As long as I just say a polite hello and go on my way, I consider it a lost...
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Mar 3

March 5, 2017

Friends,  This weekend is the Kickoff weekend for the 2017 Archdiocesan Catholic Appeal. As you know, this annual collection is taken up in each parish because we know we have a responsibility to support the  Archdiocese of Boston as they support us. Some parishes are struggling and some of the programs and ministries sponsored by the...
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