Pastor Notes

March 2016

Mar 25

March 26-27, 2016

Friends,      Happy Easter to all of our relatives, parishioners and friends, from the staff of the Blue Hills Collaborative. I realize that we are at many different places in our faith journeys. Some have been faithful Churchgoers throughout their lives, while others may be more sporadic in their Church affiliation. There are...
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Mar 18

March 19-20, 2016

Friends,           The difference between being pastor of one parish and being the pastor of 3 parishes is immense. I chose to come to our Collaborative because I was ready to leave my last assignment after 7 years and I was up for a new challenge. Personally, I believe there are alternatives to the choice the...
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Mar 11

March 12-13, 2016

I would like to publicly thank so many of our parishioners who work behind the scenes, but guarantee that our parishes continue to function and thrive. We have volunteers who donate hours upon hours in various ways throughout the week. When people arrive at Church they just expect that the Church will be open and that they will be welcome and...
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Mar 4

March 5-6, 2016

Friends,       At Christmas a good friend of mine gave me a placard for my desk that says “I totally agree with myself.” Whenever I look at the words I think 2 things: was she trying to tell me something? And, how well she knows me! When you have a strong personality and are very passionate about your beliefs it...
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