Pastor Notes

June 2019

Jun 28

June 30, 2019

Friends , I really enjoy writing these Pastor’s notes. I try to use the opportunity to challenge myself to think things through. Sometimes that is easier to do when you write them down. As you know, when people go on retreat or take a sabbatical they are strongly encouraged to keep a journal and to put their thoughts on paper. Many...
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Jun 21

June 23, 2019

Friends , I was present at a recent Vicariate meeting for the priests of the area and local staff of our neighborhood parishes. We were discussing the possibilities that are present for us to cross parish and collaborative boundaries as we offer to our parishioners opportunities to grow and evolve in their love for God and commitment to...
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Jun 14

June 16, 2019

Friends , This is from a book by Fredrick Backman titled “Things My Son Needs to Know about the World”. I laughed a lot as I read the book. I thought his introduction would be appropriate for Father’s Day. Dear Son, I want to apologize. For everything I’m going to do over the next eighteen or so years. For everything...
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Jun 7

June 9, 2019

Friends , According to Scripture and the Christian story, the death of Christ surely drained the life out of the Christ’s disciples as they were devastated at seeing their hopes and dreams destroyed before their eyes. Shortly after that event they began to hear the rumors about a resurrection. Then they actually heard the accounts from...
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