Pastor Notes

June 2017

Jun 30

July 2, 2017

Friends, We wish all of our parishioners, neighbors and friends a very Happy July 4th. I love our country and am grateful to those who made and make it possible to live with the freedom that we celebrate of Independence Day. Being a citizen also gives me the right to disagree and challenge some of the decisions made by our federal government or...
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Jun 23

June 25, 2017

Friends, As I write these words (June 8th) we are bombarded with 4 tragedies that are being played out before our eyes in this country. The former FBI Director is appearing before a Congressional Committee to defend himself and speak publicly about his professional relationship with the President of the United States. A professional comedian is...
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Jun 16

June 18, 2017

Friends, This weekend is the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (formerly referred to as “Corpus Christi”). I have the utmost respect for the Eucharist and believe as Pope Francis says that “it is not a reward for being good, it is food for the journey.” Coming to the table and knowing you are welcome to receive the...
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Jun 9

June 11, 2017

Friends,  I remember that whenever I was told years ago about the Easter season, it was said that it began on Ash Wednesday and ended on Trinity Sunday. I think we were also told that one of the 6 Laws of the Church was that we had to receive Communion at least once a year during the Easter season.  In my own personal life, I...
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