Pastor Notes

July 2018

Jul 27

July 29, 2018

Friends, What a tragedy took place on Sunday morning, July 15 in Weymouth: a police officer executed by a young man he was pursuing, and then an elderly woman sitting at home shot and killed by the same assailant. Three families devastated, and their communities and their neighborhoods in mourning. It is beyond my comprehension how this...
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Jul 20

July 22, 2018

Friends, The sacrament of marriage has taken a huge hit in the Catholic Church over the past 25 years. I’m always thrilled when a couple contacts me and wants to have their marriage celebrated in the Catholic Church. For most of us, it was a given. The exception was the Catholic getting married “outside the Church.” Today, the...
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Jul 13

July 15, 2018

Friends, I have to admit that between Fr. Charles and me there is no competition as far as our choice of sports. He is a huge soccer fan, and I am a huge follower of the Red Sox, Pats, Celtics, and Bruins. He also is an avid Celtics fan. While Fr. Charles can watch soccer or the Celtics on TV, I have no desire to sit and watch a game. I’d...
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Jul 6

July 8, 2018

Friends, How blessed are we to have two daily Masses in the Collaborative! Coming to the Eucharist each morning is a wonderful way to begin our day. Each of the daily Masses becomes a faith community in itself. We have the “regulars” who are there every day, and then we are joined by people who come periodically, when they have the...
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