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Pastor Notes

January 2019

Jan 25

January 27, 2019

Friends, Sr. Joan Chittister in her book The Gift of Years (Growing Older Gracefully) says it better than I could. “ The relation between older generations and religion is a telling one. Surveys in the United States show that in our own time the vast majority of Americans of all denominations, eighty percent of them, believe that the...
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Jan 18

January 20, 2019

Friends, So let’s “talk” about faith, hope and love. I have been in a few discussions lately about these gifts. I am grateful that I have been able to realize and appreciate all 3 in my life. But I believe that’s because I have had a strong, nurturing environment and history. I realize everyone is not so fortunate. We...
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Jan 11

January 13, 2019

Friends, I received “Just This” for Christmas. It is a small book written by Richard Rohr. Both it, and he are profound. I am going to quote from the book “In the Big Bang of Creation, maybe fourteen billion years ago. God first revealed the goodness of God in visible form. Then the incarnation of Jesus, two thousand...
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Jan 4

January 6, 2019

Friends, This weekends feast is called Epiphany but many older Catholics refer to it as “Little Christmas "and it was looked upon as the end of the Christmas season. In fact, we used to take down our Christmas decorations, cards, and the manger on that day. The word “Epiphany” means manifestation and it was considered to...
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