Pastor Notes

January 2017

Jan 27

January 29, 2017

Friends,  I just started reading a wonderful book recommended by one of our parishioners. It is in response to questions raised at our discussion group. The book is titled “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity)” by Nabeel Queeshi. Like many Catholics, I have read about the Muslim religion, but...
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Jan 20

January 22, 2017

Friends, One of the most controversial sacraments is Confirmation because many people (even in authority in the Church) differ on the meaning of the sacrament and when it should be celebrated or administered. Some dioceses celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation at the time the children are baptized. In the early Church there were 3 sacraments...
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Jan 13

January 15, 2017

Friends, This week we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr on January 16th, and we have the inauguration of our new president on January 20th. There are many people who would never include these 2 names in the same sentence because of their political views and philosophies of life. Both men, however have impacted and will continue to impact the...
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Jan 6

January 8, 2017

Friends,  The official holiday season is over but we continue to experience the Spirit of Christmas Past,  Present and Future. I am grateful for the memories of my childhood (Christmas Past) and the wonderful anticipation of being awoken on Christmas morning and together with my sister and brother coming downstairs to witness the...
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