Pastor Notes

February 2019

Feb 22

February 24,2019

Friends, I am writing these words on Saturday, February 16 (before the Bishops’ meeting, which will take place in Rome February21-24). You will be reading these words just as the Bishops’ meeting is concluding. We did receive a letter from the Massachusetts bishops for all of our parishioners, but it arrived too late for last...
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Feb 15

February 17, 2019

Friends, On Valentine’s weekend it’s appropriate to focus on the opportunity and privilege we all have to feel and express love. We have made it a tradition in the parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative to invite all of our married couples to renew their vows at our Valentine weekend Masses. It’s also a wonderful time to...
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Feb 8

February 10, 2019

Friends,   When you are very comfortable in a crowd and enjoy meeting new people and have a very outgoing personality, it definitely has a positive effect on your relationships and your life. But we have to realize that there are many in this world and our world who are hesitant and even frightened at the prospect of meeting others or...
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Feb 1

February 3, 2019

Friends, Every year on the first weekend of February I write about “The Game”. Superbowl Sunday is arguably treated as the greatest “civic holiday” on the calendar. We may not travel as far to be with family and friends but we will travel. I will be among those on the road after Sunday Masses. I head to Dorchester to...
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