Pastor Notes

February 2018

Feb 23

February 25, 2018

Friends, How many different ways can we endure terror? The recent annihilation of 17 teenagers and adults at a high school in Parkland, Florida has to once again broadside everyone with a heart. We have seen the video and listened to the interviews. We have read the stories and heard our leaders speak. We have discussed it with our friends and...
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Feb 16

February 18, 2018

Friends, This may sound strange but I had the privilege of celebrating the funeral on February 9 for a 2 ½ month old boy who died very suddenly. I married his parents, both of who I know from Sacred Heart in Roslindale and I baptized his sister 2 years ago. There were more than 500 people in the church most of whom were young and...
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Feb 9

February 11, 2018

Friends, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I picked up a book titled “Judas Was a Bishop” written by William Shea. I love it! Think about it, if we believe the apostles were the first bishops, then it’s true. The author is a faithful Catholic who challenges the Catholic Church to live by the Gospel by divesting itself of...
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Feb 2

February 4, 2018

Friends, I started reading a book called, “The Catholic Thing” by Rosemary Haughton. She just died at the age of 90 and wrote this book in 1979. I figured I’d give it a try. Early on in the book she writes about the conflict in the Church among the political, religious and charismatic powers. I would say that every one of us...
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