Pastor Notes

February 2017

Feb 24

February 26, 2017

Friends,  It was a privilege for us to witness the Renewal of Marriage Vows at our 3 churches on Valentine's weekend. We were thrilled that so many couples were able to join us. It was a gift to the collaborative and to your families. I mentioned that I was also aware of those who may not be celebrating Valentine's Day due to...
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Feb 17

February 19, 2017

Friends, During the recent blizzard I decided to read “Pilgrimage: My Search For the Real Pope Francis” by Mark Shriver. Just before his ordination, Jorge Mario Bergoglio wrote what he called his creed. With that as my inspiration I decided I would try to put my creed on paper. There may be many beliefs I have beyond these, but at...
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Feb 10

February 12, 2017

Friends,  Incredible! Unbelievable! Phenomenal! Stupendous! - Patriots 34 Falcons 28!  Last week in my homily I had all the right numbers, but in the wrong order. I predicted Patriots 38 Falcons 24! While I had the right numbers, the Patriots had the right moves.  I have to have the Pastor Notes into our office first thing...
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Feb 3

February 5, 2017

Friends, Today may be the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time in the Church calendar, but most of us know there is nothing “ordinary” about Super Bowl Sunday. This is Super Bowl LI (51) and in New England we are well represented by a wonderful team featuring players like Matthew Slater, Julian Edelman, Devin McCourty, Tom Brady, Malcolm...
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