Pastor Notes

December 2016

Dec 30

January 1, 2017

Friends, Happy New Year! Coincidentally this year the New Year actually begins on a Sunday so we have the privilege of beginning 2017 with the celebration of our faith in Church. As you know it is a holyday (Motherhood of Mary) so many Catholics come to Church anyway. But this year because it is on a Sunday, so many more people will be in...
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Dec 23

December 24-25, 2016

Friends,  On behalf of the entire staff at the Blue Hills Collaborative, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Our prayer is that you may be surrounded by those you love as you celebrate the birth of Jesus. I think for a lot of Catholics we identify much more with the events of Christmas than we do with Easter. Christmas seems to be a...
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Dec 16

December 17-18, 2016

Friends,  We can always learn from others. Here are some opportunities:  "In Christ we see an image of God who is not armed with lightning bolts, but with a basin and towel, who spews not threats but good news for all."  "Justice will be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who...
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Dec 9

December 10-11, 2016

Friends,        It dawned on me recently that I very rarely mention the word “heaven.” I do believe in life after life, but for some reason I don’t use the word “heaven” when I am speaking about the next life. I know that most knowledgeable theologians and scientists would tell us that they no...
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Dec 2

December 3-4, 2016

Friends,  This seems appropriate in the middle of the NFL season and the season of Advent. I read a book recently by Brian McLaren titled “The Great Spiritual Migration.” He discusses the decisions made that led to the demise of faith and the drop in Church attendance. It is a great book and I highly recommend it. He talks...
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