Pastor Notes

August 2017

Aug 25

August 27, 2017

Friends,  Every once in a while I like to sit outside to read or think. I only do this on nice warm sunny days. We don't have a lot of months in this part of the country when this is possible, so summer is the ideal time. Recently, I decided to listen to all the different sounds that I would hear during the hour or so while I was there....
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Aug 18

August 20, 2017

Friends, I will probably be on vacation when you read these words. I am going on Retreat and then visiting my brother in Pennsylvania. I usually make my retreat on Enders Island in Mystic, Ct, but this year I am broadening my horizons. I hear of certain places that others have enjoyed and so I decided to go in a different direction (literally)....
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Aug 11

August 13, 2017

Friends, Last week I had the privilege of seeing the young people of our community and far beyond, rising to new heights. In both cases I was truly impressed by their spirit, enthusiasm and passion. On Thursday, 8/3, I went to the Riverside Theatre (Cleary Square) to watch the teenagers perform in “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” It was...
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Aug 4

August 6, 2017

Friends, Every parish has a history, a personality and its “personalities.” We are blessed in the Blue Hills Collaborative to have 3 parishes with histories that go back 137 years (Most Precious Blood), 98 years (St Anne), and 63 years (St Pius X). All 3 faith communities have been built on the faith of past generations of your...
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