Pastor Notes

April 2019

Apr 26

April 28, 2019

Friends, We are so blessed in our 3 parishes with men and women and their families who are determined to continue the wonderful legacy they received from their ancestors in the faith. In times like the holydays, most recently Holy Week and Easter, our Churches are clean and welcoming places for all of our Liturgical celebrations, thanks to...
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Apr 19

April 21, 2019

  Friends, Happy Easter! The priests and staff of the 3 parishes in the Blue Hills Collaborative wish you all the best as we celebrate the Resurrection and its importance on our lives. As you know, I have the utmost respect for those from other religious affiliations and for those who claim no belief in God. The God that I have come to...
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Apr 12

April 14, 2019

Friends, This weekend we begin the holiest week of the Church year. We commemorate the sacred events leading up to Jesus Passion, Death, and Resurrection. I read somewhere recently that for Christians it’s not Death or Resurrection, it’s Death and Resurrection. I often think that for those who are left behind, the process by which...
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Apr 5

April 7, 2019

Friends, We congratulate St. Anne Parish as they begin their celebration of 100 years serving the Readville/Dedham community and beyond. Every parish in our collaborative has a storied history (MPB 139 years) and (St. Pius X 65 years). Each of these faithful communities has celebrated anniversaries in the past and have wonderful memories of the...
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