Pastor Notes

April 2018

Apr 27

April 29, 2018

Friends, Throughout my years as a priest I have heard from priests in parishes that were comprised of more than one town geographically, that they found it difficult. These were the days before Collaboration. Most parishes “in the old days” were in neighborhoods that were homogeneous. As you know, I grew up in Holy Name, which is a...
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Apr 20

April 22, 2018

Friends, This Sunday, April 22, is Earth Day. Last year I was embarrassed that the day came and went without mention in the church bulletin. This year I’m more attuned. I was/am befuddled by the negative response so many Catholics have to Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment (Laudato Si). I’m flabbergasted at the number...
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Apr 13

April 15, 2018

Friends, I can’t let this week go by without mentioning the Boston Marathon. The event has always brought pride to our city as we welcome thousands of runners into our neighborhoods. Of course the tragic events of 2013 have added a personal experience of terrorism to our storied history. I have never run a marathon but have the utmost...
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Apr 6

April 8, 2018

Friends, I believe it was Pope John Paul II who declared the Sunday following Easter as “Divine Mercy Sunday.” I know there is a wonderful devotion to the “Divine Mercy.” Many Catholics will celebrate God’s mercy and participate in devotions that are meaningful to them. As you know, I am convinced that God loves...
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