Pastor Notes

April 2016

Apr 29

April 30 - May 1. 2016

Friends, Confirmation is probably one of the most debated sacraments, not because of the celebration of God’s Spirit within us, but because of the question about when it should be conferred.  In the early Church when they were baptizing adults there were three sacraments celebrated at the same time called the sacraments of...
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Apr 22

April 23-24, 2016

I’ve been thinking about a few words lately since a priest brought up the subject at a meeting about a month ago. The issue was the difference between prejudice, bigotry and racism. We went around the table for a while and expressed our views. Someone said that the word “race” is a human invention that separates us, and that...
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Apr 15

April 16-17, 2016

We wish you all a very happy Patriots Day and a wonderful spring vacation for all of our children and teenagers. It is a good time of year to get locked into a 162 game season for the Sox and plant seeds in the garden for our flowers and vegetables.  Since 2013, Marathon Monday has taken on a whole new meaning in Boston and around the...
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Apr 8

April 9-10, 2016

Friends,      I am going on vacation today (April 10th) through next Sunday (April 17th). I will do a lot of reading, walking, thinking and sleeping. I look forward to every minute of it, and I am also hoping for good weather.       Some of you might be thinking “where does prayer come into all of...
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Apr 1

April 2-3, 2016

Friends, We have a wonderful relationship among the staff at the Blue Hills Collaborative. I was in the midst of a conversation with a couple of staff members last week when something went through my mind and I said “ I think I’d like to work for me.” I was kidding, but I wasn’t. So I started to think about what I would...
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