Seats for weekend Masses will be filled on a first-come basis. Once the church has reached it's "safe" capacity, additional parishioners will not be allowed. We very much appreciate your cooperation and patience as we move to this new process.
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September 2, 2018


The staff of the Blue Hills Collaborative wish all of our parishioners, neighbors, and friends a happy Labor Day weekend. This holiday highlights the importance of work in the life of every able-bodied human being. It is about contributing to make the world a better place. It is about channeling our unbounded energy in a positive direction. It is about giving meaning to our lives. How blessed are those who enjoy their profession. I am one of them. I love what I do and consider it a calling (vocation). I think a vocation is a career choice that is fulfilling.

I know I’m in the “job” that is meant for me because I’m happy and at peace. I wish that for everyone. There is so much that goes into our choice of work. For many, it’s a practical decision based on how they can pay the bills. For some, it’s about distance and being able to get back and forth with the least inconvenience. Some bounce between jobs because they are not sure where life is taking them at this time. Years ago, our parents had an occupation that lasted a lifetime, e.g., the Post Office, the MBTA, or public service. There are people today who work in the same job all their lives, but that is a dying art. Even in professional sports, franchise players are few and far between. We rarely see anyone in baseball playing for the same team his/her entire career. There are studies done on how many job changes take place among the younger generations over the course of their working career.

All of what I’ve said points out the value of work and wanting to have a job that gives meaning to life. Some even take a pay cut in order to have a profession that adds to their personal happiness. It is so important to have a deep self-respect and a healthy self-esteem. Finding the right career can add so much to our personal satisfaction. When I meet someone who loves what they do and can’t wait to get to work, I’m so happy for them. When you realize how much of our lives are spent at work, you realize how energizing it can be to have a positive experience. It also means there can be a lot of damage done when we are not happy, at peace, and fulfilled by our profession.

As much as any one of us loves what we do, we also love to “get away” and leave the job behind for a while. I hope you all had that privilege this summer. You deserve it.

Enjoy Life!

Fr. Coyne


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