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October 22-23, 2016


We have been able to see a lot of positive changes in our three Parishes since the Blue Hills Collaborative became a reality. There is a very positive spirit in our faith community. There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I believe our parishioners arrive at our Sunday celebration with a smile on their faces because they anticipate a spiritually enhancing experience at our weekend liturgies. It is about the gospel message which is meant to build up our understanding that God is not apart from us, but within our parishes and within each one of us. It is a matter of recognizing God's presence and celebrating it. We can do that alone, but it is much more meaningful when it takes place in a community. 

That recognition and celebration also takes place outside of our Church buildings. We need to celebrate our faith socially as well. 

We resurrected the famous St. Anne Christmas Bazaar last year after a nine year hiatus. It was above and beyond anything we anticipated. Hundreds of present and former parishioners gathered in Readville to relive the past and plan for the future. The leadership of Matt O'Neill, Maria Farrell and Pat Passi brought together people from all 3 parishes to work the bazaar and to patronize it. It was a win-win endeavor. Friendships were renewed and we realized a $13,000 profit to put our Collaborative kitchen back in working order. The Spirit of that day has continued to be a major factor in our revitalization. The time and talent of so many volunteers assured that new life rose from ashes. Many of those who have worked the bazaar for years, along with new faces who want to be part of a success story today, have been working behind the scenes for the past months to guarantee another Super Bazaar Experience. The 2016 edition of our Christmas Bazaar is once again being led by Matt O'Neill and his strong support staff. 

Our kitchen has now been completed and will be up and running for the Bazaar. That means that our world-famous fried dough will be on sale! After all the bills were paid for the renewal of the kitchen renovations, the final tally was $29,000 (nothing is simple in this world). We showed the repairs and costs to the Bazaar Committee and they have once again graciously agreed to donate the proceeds of this year's extravaganza to pay for the kitchen renovations. This is a huge gift to the Collaborative and we are so grateful. 

This year's Christmas Bazaar will be held at St Anne's Hall, the Collaborative Center, on Saturday, November 12th, beginning at 10:00 AM and concluding with a spaghetti supper at 6:00 PM. 

Events like the Bazaar contribute greatly to the Sunday Experience at our three parishes. We need opportunities to gather and enjoy each other's company. Our weekend Masses are meant to challenge us to get involved in the Life of our Collaborative. Set the date aside and drop by to encourage and support the Collaborative, your parish, our selfless workers and yourself.

Enjoy Life! 
Fr Coyne


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