May 28, 2017


This is Memorial Day weekend, one of the most sacred holidays in our wonderful country. The respect we have for our deceased is inspirational, and the adulation we have for those who gave their lives over the years to assure our freedom is unassailable.

This weekend also encourages us to visit the cemeteries where many of our loves ones have been laid to rest. Many of these cemeteries will have American flags displayed at the graves of all deceased veterans.

I wasn't born until after WWII ended, but my father was in the Army and fought in the Pacific Theatre. I know my mother and my sister (who didn't see my father until he returned to the U.S.) were taken in by my mother's family. My understanding is that the entire country was involved in the war and rallied around those who served. The whole concept of war has changed drastically during our time. We still have men and women serving in foreign countries and willing to give their lives, but it seems like apart from their families and loved ones, it almost seems like a virtual war until we are notified that an American has been killed. The news then reminds us that we are still at war.

I have been to Arlington National Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia and also to the Bourne National Cemetery on the Cape. We are reminded of the true meaning of "Walking on Sacred Ground." There is no need for signage reminding us of "Silence" or "Quiet." You don't want to speak because at times like these the silence is deafening. I have also been to the Vietnam War Memorial, WWII Memorial and Korean War Memorials in Washington DC. What a privilege it is to walk among these tributes to our fallen heroes.

I am also reminded that every country must have its own "Memorial Day" when they honor their deceased who were willing to give their lives for what they believed. They also have loved ones who mourn their loss and probably fly their national flag at their gravesites.

The priests and staff at the Blue Hills Collaborative join the families across our nation this weekend in paying tribute to all of our veterans and those presently serving in the military.

May God Bless America and every other country in this great and beautiful world.

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Ron Coyne


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