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March 12-13, 2016

I would like to publicly thank so many of our parishioners who work behind the scenes, but guarantee that our parishes continue to function and thrive. We have volunteers who donate hours upon hours in various ways throughout the week. When people arrive at Church they just expect that the Church will be open and that they will be welcome and appreciated. Our parishes are only able to remain vibrant because those who choose to worship with us, and choose to contribute financially to their parish every week. Your donations are respected and make it possible for us to serve our parishioners today, and hopefully build for tomorrow. You have seen a lot being done physically on our properties as well as spiritually at our services. Your presence and financial support make it all possible.

I decided not to mentions names, but to highlight the ministries instead. We can call them Sacristans or Mass Coordinators and these are the men and women who open our Churches and prepare the Church for our weekend celebrations. They come early and stay late so that the parishioners know the Church is prepared and Masses are taking place with respect and dignity. Our Church buildings and worship space are clean and beautifully decorated by volunteers who spend time behind the scenes so that people are impressed with the environment in which we celebrate. Endless hours are given out of love for God and devotion to our parishes. When you come out to Church you are greeted and welcomed by wonderful ushers who take their responsibility seriously. They are reliable and know many longtime parishioners while they also welcome our newcomers. They coordinate the collection process and are very respectful of your donations, we have the “regulars” and they invite other parishioners to help out periodically with the collection (passing the basket). Each parish has volunteers who count the collections each week and record the donations meticulously. These donations are then brought to the bank and are channeled to the cause(s) for which they are intended. This is a tedious procedure and it is done with enthusiasm and joy.

As you know, 3 times a month we have hospitality Sunday (once in each parish). Once again our parishioners coordinate and decorate so that when you continue the celebration of Mass with refreshments, you are “at home.” They make sure that we have food and drink for all those who join us. It truly adds to the understanding of faith “community”.

There are many nameless faces in the life of Christ—people who played major roles in the gospels but are in the background. Christ could never have accomplished his ministry without them. Neither can we.

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Coyne



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