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June 25, 2017


As I write these words (June 8th) we are bombarded with 4 tragedies that are being played out before our eyes in this country. The former FBI Director is appearing before a Congressional Committee to defend himself and speak publicly about his professional relationship with the President of the United States. A professional comedian is on trial for rape. A young woman is appearing before a judge who will decide if she is guilty of encouraging her “boyfriend” to commit suicide, and whether that is a crime. A couple is in court to have a jury decide if either one of them is guilty of murdering her 2 year old daughter who washed ashore at Deer Island. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me recently “what is this world coming to?”

By the time you read this (June 24/25) probably 3 of these cases will be concluded legally. I am convinced we may never know the true facts on the 4th situation. We live in a society that forces us more and more to say the words “just when you thought you had heard everything.” I know some people are glued to their television and their smart phones to hear it all. I’ve gotten to the point where I want to know what’s going on, but I am very content to hearing about it when I read the newspaper or listen to radio or TV news. And, I have to admit that some details are so painful to hear that I choose not to listen.

We can have great conversations and discussions about the causes of these painful tales. Many of us have heated debates about the state of the world and the country. As we get older we try to imagine the world of our children and grandchildren. So many parents fear for the future and would love to protect their loved ones from what could happen. I believe that is part of the motivation behind the concept of “homeschooling.” Families want to do all they can to control the environment that surrounds their children.

I am a strong believer in God as I have come to understand who God is. I’d like to believe that my relationship with God challenges me to always be at my best and seek out the best in others. For me, my faith in God is not enough, I also need to celebrate that faith with others who believe as I do. For me, that is the Catholic Church and presently at the Blue Hills Collaborative. This is one of the ways that I can control my environment. I love learning from others who believe differently than I do, but I choose to depend on the Catholic Church as part of my support system. I feel badly that many of our families are de-churched and unchurched at the present time. I respect their decision, but I question what replaces this influence that makes all the difference in my life.

Meanwhile, thank you for being such a positive force on my journey.

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Ron Coyne


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