June 16, 2019

Friends ,

This is from a book by Fredrick Backman titled “Things My Son Needs to Know about the World”. I laughed a lot as I read the book. I thought his introduction would be appropriate for Father’s Day.

Dear Son,
I want to apologize.

  • For everything I’m going to do over the next eighteen or so years. For everything I’ll miss. Everything I won’tunderstand. All the notes about parent-teacher conferences you won’t want to show me.
  • For all the times I’ll embarrass you. All the camps and field trips I’ll volunteer myself to. All the girlfriends or boyfriends you’ll never want to bring home for dinner.
  • For doing my mom-was-wrong– and –dad was right dance around other people.
  • For that time when your school invites all the parents to a softball tournament and I take it a bit too seriously.
  • For calling your math teacher “a freakin flathead!” For trying to high-five your friends.
  • For buying a mini van.
  • For wearing shorts.
  • For being late the first time you’re invited to a real birthday party.
  • For being pissed when there are lines for therides at the amusement park.
  • For calling the assistant in the skateboard shop “man”.
  • For not understanding that you would rather do gymnastics than play soccer.
  • For all the times I forgot to lock the bathroom door—what is seen can’t be unseen.
  • For the holidays. The cowboy hat. The REAL MEN WEIGH OVER 200 POUNDS T-shirt. The speech at your High School graduation party.
  • For all the times I get a bit drunk and start telling the joke about the two Irishmen in a boat again.

I really, really want to apologize for all those things. But when you’re the most angry at me, I want you to try to remember that, to me, you’ll always be the tiny one-year-old boy standing naked in the hallway with a toothless grin and a cuddly lion clutched to your chest.
Whenever I’m difficult. Whenever I’m embarrassing. Unreasonable. Unfair. I want you to think back to that day. That day when you refused to tell me where the hell you’d hidden my damn car keys. And I want you to remember that it was you who started it.
                                                                           Your Dad

Enjoy life!
Father Coyne


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