February 3, 2019


Every year on the first weekend of February I write about “The Game”. Superbowl Sunday is arguably treated as the greatest “civic holiday” on the calendar. We may not travel as far to be with family and friends but we will travel. I will be among those on the road after Sunday Masses. I head to Dorchester to pick up my calzones and then travel to Canton for the game. We have been doing this ritual now for 33 years. We began at Sacred Heart Rectory (1986), then moved the party to a home in Roslindale and about 20 years ago the host family bought a house in Canton. Over the years the crowed has changed. In the 80’s and 90’s we were surrounded with teenagers and young adults as the two sons in the family invited all their friends. The atmosphere was energetic and spontaneous because of the presence of so many young people. During the past 10 years as these two young men moved out of their home and this state ,we have truly missed their presence and enthusiasm. Think about how many of the adults who were original “members” or joined us over the years are no longer with us. The host couple has many pictures of those who previously watched “the Game” with us but are now deceased. It’s wonderful to look at the pictures but it is sad to realize how many great friends we lose along the journey.

Obviously, after the nail-biting AFC Championship game on January 20 that saw the Pats once again reach the Superbowl behind the field leadership of Tom Brady, we are psyched.

No one is perfect and every player on this team is as human as every one of us, but we do put them on a pedestal and expect them to raise the bar high both on and off the field. I’m writing this on January 26 and we will now have one more week of hype which is understandable but can get tiresome . With so many interviews and the same questions asked , there are only so many responses the players can make.

I’m sure Atlanta is honored to welcome so many people to their city and I’m happy for them. I hope every player on both teams realizes what a privilege and responsibility they have to be healthy role models for all of us (young and older).

As you will remember, the Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series in October and now the New England fans once again hope to beat the NFL champion Los Angeles Rams.

I predict a big Pats win but also realize that no matter what the outcome and final score, we will all get up the next day and life will go on. Because in the end, its only a game

Enjoy Life!

Father Coyne


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