The Blue Hills Collaborative will NOT have public Mass the weekend of May 23/24, but will continue to livestream Sunday Mass at 11:00 am. We will keep you informed as we move toward safely reopening.
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February 11, 2018


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I picked up a book titled “Judas Was a Bishop” written by William Shea. I love it! Think about it, if we believe the apostles were the first bishops, then it’s true. The author is a faithful Catholic who challenges the Catholic Church to live by the Gospel by divesting itself of much of what keeps it from feeling Christian. He believes the church (with a small c), meaning people like you and I, have a lot to teach the Church (with a capital C), meaning those in authority. I highly recommend this book. Let me know what you think.

As we begin the season of Lent, I encourage you to do what you are able to deepen your relationship with Christ and your understanding of God. For many people, coming to church during the week is possible, for others impossible. For some, broadening their horizons by trying to understand others who may believe differently is a great way to expand your Christian values. Some are very comfortable sacrificing something they enjoy as a way of proving to themselves that nothing is that important. Some decide to be more generous during the Lenten season by donating to a cause or charity some may not be able or choose to do any of the above, but will choose to set aside the 2 Monday evenings we have arranged for our personal growth in the areas of God and the Church. Monday 2/19 and Monday 2/26 (mark your calendars right now). The context of these 2 evenings is described in detail elsewhere in this bulletin. Just when we thought we knew all there was to know about our religion, someone tells us we never will. If it’s that important, wouldn’t we want to learn more? We tell our children all the time that they never stop learning. Why should the area of theology (God) or ecclesiology (Church) be any different? Wouldn’t it be great to tell your children and grandchildren or neighbors or friends that you are going to go to church on a Monday night? If you are self-conscious, bring someone else with you. If you haven’t marked your calendar yet and are going to do so, please make sure you put down the right church: Monday 2/19 (St Pius X), Monday 2/26 (St Anne). Not only will you be impressed with what you learn, the speakers will be impressed with the numbers of everyday Catholics in our Collaborative who can’t get enough religion! See you there!

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Coyne 


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