Seats for weekend Masses will be filled on a first-come basis. Once the church has reached it's "safe" capacity, additional parishioners will not be allowed. We very much appreciate your cooperation and patience as we move to this new process.
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August 6-7, 2016


I believe we have a wonderful spirit within our Blue Hills Collaborative, as we attempt to build on the history of our 3 parishes. We are conscious of each parish's unique identity and we are trying to bring our parishioners to an understanding that as proud as we are of our individual accomplishments, as this point in time we are stronger together. We hope to continue to make more and more families welcome at our Churches and believe that they will add to our faith community physically, spiritually and financially. Our weekly offertory collection in each parish needs a shot of adrenalin. Many of our parishioners realize their responsibility and are very faithful to the Church and supporting their parish. Others may not realize how vital their generosity is to our future. Our Grand Annual Collection and the Catholic Appeal in all 3 parishes are a great sign of a financial investment on the part of parishioners. It convinces me, the staff, and the Archdiocese, that the Catholic Church in the Hyde Park/Readville/Milton/Dedham area is alive and well. 

I will be speaking with you in September at the weekends Masses about our financial situation. Our weekly offertory is our lifeline. Our 3 parishes are struggling to increase at a steady level. The offertory amounts fluctuate and are unpredictable. 

We know how important it is to subsidize our offertory collection by fundraising. We have been successful in these efforts due to a great response from committee members who work hard to plan, oversee and direct these events. These activities take a lot of energy and expertise. 

In the past year these major events have taken place and have helped us to keep our parishes alive financially so that we can pay our bills without withdrawing money from our reserve funds that are meant for major capital improvements. These are the approximate proceeds that have benefitted our 3 parishes over the past year: Bazaar ($13,000), Edwards Twins ($10,000), Elvis (anticipated $7,500), $10,000 Drawing ($17,000) and Isn't Life Grand ($25,000). That is a total of $72,500 that we would not have without the determination and dedication of the selfless committee members and our parishioners, neighbors and friends. What these events really do is build up our Collaborative Spirit and give us the opportunity to break down some barriers among our 3 parishes. People meet people and become friends. We have come to the realization that we need to get together outside of our Church as truly as we do inside of our Church. 

I want to thank anyone and everyone who has participated in these wonderful activities by joining us in any way. If you have not been able to support these efforts please know that you are welcome and will be contributing to the future of our 3 parishes. 

I truly believe that our positive conversations about our Collaborative will be contagious. Our Blue Hills Collaborative could adapt to the UMass motto: ―Make us your first choice.‖ 

Enjoy Life! 
Fr Coyne


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