April 15, 2018


I can’t let this week go by without mentioning the Boston Marathon. The event has always brought pride to our city as we welcome thousands of runners into our neighborhoods. Of course the tragic events of 2013 have added a personal experience of terrorism to our storied history. I have never run a marathon but have the utmost respect for those who do. When I see an automobile with a 26.2 sticker I know how proud that person is of their accomplishment and rightly so. 

Many of us are so impressed with the stories behind the runners. It is true, when your personal life has been touched by sickness, disaster or trauma, either on your own or that of a loved one, you want to do all you can to spare someone else that experience. Many times that can motivate us to raise funds for research or for a cause. I can’t even imagine how much good is done by the millions of dollars raised by so many runners in an effort to alleviate physical or emotional pain in others whom they will never know. 

I will not be on the marathon route but I will still be applauding the runners.

And just as we identify peanut butter & jelly or Jack & Jill, it would not be marathon Monday without the Red Sox game at 2 PM at Fenway. The Boston Red Sox were so instrumental in helping us recover from the 2013 bombing. We will never forget their presence and support. As I write this on the morning of April 5, it is opening day at Fenway. They are presently of top of their division with a record of 5-1. As they say, it’s been a “soft opening” for the Sox’s schedule but I, like all of us Boston fans, expect the most from our “boys of summer.” I think I am a typical fan when I say “every Sox game is like the World Series.” Every loss is devastating. I have to remind myself “relax, it’s only 1 game.” I wish them the best. If I had to choose a player whose attitude I admire it would be Mookie Betts. He’s always having a good time. 

This is also vacation week for most of our elementary and high schools. We hope its wonderful weather so that our young people can get out and enjoy the springtime. I’m not a parent but I am grateful that my mother “strongly encouraged” us as kids to get outside. We did and I’d have to be dragged back home for supper. I loved the outdoors then as I do now. I know it’s a different world today in many ways, but I have to admit I miss seeing a lot of children and teenagers out “playing.” The “socializing” that was necessary for our growth has become “social networking” for younger generations. Some people call that “progress.” I’m not so sure.

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Coyne

P.S. Sox just won their home opener 3-2 in 12!


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