Pastor Notes

March 2019

Mar 15

March 17, 2019

Friends, We began Lent 2019 on a high note on Ash Wednesday and we hope those who were able to begin the Lenten Journey with us had a positive experience at our 3 Churches. Many of our parishioners probably had the opportunity at other parishes depending on their schedules. We have welcomed new faces to our morning Masses since Lent began and...
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Mar 8

March 10, 2019

Friends, There is a controversy raging around the existence of a cross that has stood in the Washington suburb of Bladensburg Md.  For nearly 100 years. The cross is part of a monument in memory of those who lost their lives in WW II. It is Peace Cross located on public land in a highway median. The Supreme Court of the United States is...
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Mar 2

March 3, 2019

Friends, I know Spring doesn’t officially begin until March 22 but this year we’ve experienced signs of spring all winter with the minimal amount of snowfall and periodic 50 degree days. I look forward to the arrival of the warmer weather, the sound of the birds and the colorful flowers making their appearance (not to mention the...
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