Pastor Notes

December 2018

Dec 14

December 16, 2018

Friends, I am writing these words on the weekend of December 1/2, as the bulletin company requires that we have information in early because of Christmas and New Year holidays. The first thing I want to do is thank all of those parishioners, neighbors, friends, and businesses that take out advertisements in our weekly Church bulletins. How...
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Dec 7

December 9, 2018

Friends, There’s a big difference between sympathy and empathy. I’d like to believe that most people are sympathetic, meaning they are able to feel sorry for someone who is struggling and maybe offer their time or financial support if needed. This sympathy can be expressed without taking too much of an emotional toll on the one who...
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Dec 1

December 2, 2018

Friends, At this time of year I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the obsession we have with advertising and shopping This was highlighted for me last week with the opening of the two recreational marijuana sites in Massachusetts as well as the onslaught of Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season. It’s even laughable when we...
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