Pastor Notes

July 2019

Jul 19

July 21, 2019

Friends , There is a saying that Christians use that goes something like this: “preach the gospel at all times using words if necessary”. In other terms, there are more effective ways of preaching than speaking. We are always challenged to live the gospel rather than quote it. We can’t necessarily prove that all the words...
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Jul 13

July 14, 2019

Friends , As you know, I periodically share other’s wisdom with you. My reading gives me insight into other peoples’ life experiences. I used to underline profound statements as I read a book but after many years I realized I very rarely, if ever, return to the text and probably couldn’t remember where it was anyway. So now I...
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Jul 5

July 7, 2019

Friends , This is July 4th weekend. We celebrate our history as a country and are grateful for our ancestors who made it possible for our land to develop into what we call the United States of America. Like every other entity, just because we live here and call ourselves Americans does not mean we are all on the same page. The same can be said...
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