March 24, 2019

"As the days are getting warmer and we see more and more signs of spring , I see more and more signs of disregard for the environment as well. One good thing about snow is it covers the mess we make. I am annoyed to see litter on the side of the road, in the street and gutters. I am really annoyed when it ends up on my front lawn. Cans, bottles, Styrofoam, cigarette butts, trash of all kinds all over. What are we doing to the world around us.

When I was young there was a wise old owl who said “Give a Hoot—Don’t Pollute” my guess is he got pelted with trash and gave up. Have we?? We have only one earth and we are responsible to take care of the environment. It is a gift to all of us and we must respect this gift. So, I will pick up the litter and stop complaining and try like the owl to give a Hoot! How about you?"




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