December 30, 2018

Happy New Year!

The New Year is fast approaching and I think about my grandmother who always said “the days go by so slowly but the years fly by”. She spent 96 years on this earth and was a wise woman. How many of us will sit and think where did the time go? How can it be 2019 already? How did my friends and family get so old? (We don’t age only they do).

New Year’s is a time for us to look for what needs to change in our lives. Many of us will make our resolutions to lose weight, exercise, stop smoking or drinking, maybe even a new job. We mean it this time and then the days go slowly, life gets in the way, and soon we have given up on our resolutions.

My hat is off to those who make the change permanent. You are the exception. This year my resolutions are not the same old, same old. This year my resolutions are not just about changing me but how I can make positive changes in the world. My world! What gifts has God given to me? I may not be able to feed all the starving children in the world but I can donate to a local food pantry. I can not cure cancer but I can spend time with someone going through chemotherapy. I can not prevent loneliness but I can smile and say good morning to the people I pass on the street, some whom are dealing with unknown pain.

I invite you to ask yourself “What gifts do I have” and “What does the world need me to do?” The answer to these questions may surprise you. Remember ,“the days go slowly but the years fly by”.

                                                                                      Think globally, act locally.
                                                                                       Paul McCartney


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