April 7, 2019

" The Red Sox Home Opener is upon us and it’s 'root, root, root for the home team'  The problem is that some people have lost their perspective. It is great to cheer on your favorite team, religion, political party or school. It is anotherthing to take things to an extreme. .

Like every good Bostonian I don’t like the Yankee’s (not quite sure why but ok) but I don’t let that dislike prevent me from being friends with people who like the Yankee’s or some other team. The symbol, logo, or some inanimate object doesn’t make me so angry that I resort to violence. Every one has the right to their opinion. I don’t take the position that everyone must have my opinion. I like diverse opinion it opens up my thinking, maybe the Yankee’s have some redeeming quality. The same goes for religion and politics. Different doesn't necessarily mean wrong it means different.

You don’t have to agree with very opinion someone has or doesn’t share with you. Today, we are so closed and entrenched in our opinions there is little or no room for discussion that doesn’t turn ugly.

Support your team/opinion/religion/school but keep it in perspective. Take a deep breath let them express their opinion and counter with logic and persuasion not yelling and violence. Who knows, maybe you’ll make them a Red Sox's fan after all. Go Sox!! "


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