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Director of Ministries Blog

July 2019

Jul 26

July 28, 2019

" So, my husband borrowed my car and left the radio on a country music station. I don’t usually listen to country music. However, a song was on and the lyrics caught my attention. It was a song by Tim McGraw (in honesty I had to Google the song) called “Live like you were dyin.” It’s about a man who is told he is...
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Jul 19

July 21, 2019

" It has been 50 years since we first put a man on the moon. I am old enough to remember sitting with my family that hot July day as the first black and white grainy pictures were televised. We were awed by the possibility. My Nano on the other hand refused to believe this was real. It was all a Hollywood hoax. Recorded on a movieset. She...
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Jul 12

July 14, 2019

" My husband and I were in New Hampshire over the weekend and witnessed an amazing display of loyalty and support. Some 3,000 plus motorcyclists participated in a memorial ride in honor of the 7 motorcyclists from the Jarheads Motorcycle Club killed in Randolph, NH It is alleged that the young man who hit and killed them was under the...
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Jul 5

July 7, 2019

"  The following is not an admission but a hypothetical situation if you happen to be a State Police Officer reading this blurb… When did driving become a contact sport? I have a fair commute from Marshfield to Hyde Park daily. Depending on several factors like time of day, construction , any precipitation of any kind in any...
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