Pastoral Council

Most Precious Blood

David Amara

Anthony Dellorco

Marlene Edouard

Sarah Fortino

Daniel Smith
Tracye Wilson-Gordon
Nancy Wilson-Miele


St. Anne

Sophie Ahearn 

Magalie Brunache

Catherine Caddigan
Jeanne Carrara
Rose Dacey
Maureen McCarthy
Jackie Moran
Ann O'Neil

Pattie Pankievich
Colleen Verity


St. Pius X

Ralph Gioiosa
Tricia Hennessy
Jeff Morrill


Collaborative Staff

Rev. Joseph Mazone
Rev. Charles Madi-Okin

Anna Williams-Cote

“...[A] pastoral council is to be established in each parish; the pastor presides over it, and through it the Christian faithful along with those who share in the pastoral care of the parish in virtue of their office give their help in fostering pastoral activity.” (Canon 536, par.1)

Click here for Diocesan guidelines for Pastoral Councils.

Click here to read the Blue Hills Catholic Collaborative Pastoral Plan.



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