Bible Study at St. Pius -- Exodus

Exodus: Called to Freedom

There are many reasons to study the Bible. Some of the best include:

  • To be culturally literate and possess the basic information needed to thrive in the modern world 
  • To learn FIRSTHAND what it says, rather than simply through interpretation
  • Personal edification, on an intellectual level, personal, and emotional level
  • So we can help others through difficult circumstances, and encourage them to be all that God created them to be
  • To know who Jesus Christ is and the kind of relationship He wants to have with each of us
  • Because it is God's Word to us
  • So that we can come to know God's plan in history, His sovereignty, His providence, and His love for us
  • Avoiding error by providing us with a firm foundation in God's truth, rather than in the errors of the world

Our next Bible Study session will be on:

"Exodus: Called to Freedom

Wednesdays beginning September 18th at 7:00 pm at St Pius X Church hall. This is a 10-week course and the cost is $30, which will cover the cost of The Exodus study guide ($25) and a portion of The Exodus DVD. 

Register by emailing Jack Sheridan at [email protected] or call Jack at 857-334-8766.



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