2018 Catholic Appeal

We the Many, Serving As One

2018 Catholic Appeal Video

The Annual Catholic Appeal will take place on the weekend of March 10-11 in all the parishes of the Archdiocese. There is a goal set for each parish and our 3 parishes have gone above and beyond expectations. We will preach about the Appeal on the weekend of March 3-4. Anyone who has contributed in the past (including priests) will receive a personal letter from Cardinal O’Malley and can respond directly by making a pledge. We ask that everyone who chooses to do so please mark the parish to which you wish your contribution to be attributed to on your pledge card. Those who have not donated to the Appeal in the past may take a brochure and pledge card, available at our church entrances. The 2018 goal for each parish is as follows:

  GOAL As of 7/13   % of Goal
St Anne: $22,561  $21,248 94%
St Pius X:  $16,551 $17,845 108%
Most Precious Blood: $15,337 $15,545 101%


The Archdiocese is determined to continue the wonderful programs it now sponsors, but like any individual parish, it can only do so through the generosity of the faith-filled parishioners in our parishes. If the Catholic Church is going to make a difference in the lives of the people living within the Archdiocese, our generosity will assure it happens. If not, Archdiocesan programs and services will be cut because the subsidies are no longer available. Please think seriously about the importance of your contributions.

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