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Bereavement Workshops

Grief Support Groups


You've suffered on of the greatest losses anyone has to experience--the loss of a loved one. Your life has been turned upside down, and it feels as if part of you is missing. The very real and human response to such a loss is to grieve.

Yet sometimes people still feel pressured not to grieve. The message they receive is that grief is optional, abnormal, or even a sign of weakness.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Grief is a very normal, natural, and necessary process.

  • Grief is normal because it is how people respond to a significant personal loss. It is normal to expect people who have lost someone they love to be deeply affected by their loss
  • Grief is natural in that it is a completely human thing to do. We cannot avoid grief--it is built into us. We are created to grieve, just as we are created to love. We love, and when we lose someone we love, we grieve
  • Grief is necessary. Grief provides a healthy way to cope with the loss and everything it means to us. Trying to ignore or avoid grief will not work. It will only make the grief last longer and possible cause even more pain

Give yourself permission to grieve. You are human, so let yourself be human. Letting yourself feel is the best and healthiest thing you can do for yourself and for those you love.

Bereavement Workshops

But you are not alone. There are others who feel as you do, and it can be helpful to meet and share your feelings. The parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative are pleased to be offering six-week bereavement workshops, which will provide a safe, private, and non-threatening environment to share your thoughts and feelings. The program offers both afternoon groups and evening groups. You may come as often as you would like, but you must come to the first session in the six-week series in order to be included in the group. All groups are closed to new members after the first session.

DATES: Begins September 5, 2018

TIME: 1:30 pm (afternoon session) and 7:00 pm (evening session)

PLACE: Collaborative Center, 20 Como Road, Readville MA

No sign-up is necessary, but group sizes are limited and participants will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

For more information, contact Michelle at 1-857-208-5957.


Michelle Tellier graduated Cum Laude from Northeastern University with a BS in Psychology, and received Pastoral Care training from Brigham & Women's Hospital. She is certified in QPR Suicide Prevention and Care of the Sick and Homebound. She is a member of the Hospice Foundation of America, the Association for Death Education and Counseling, the Spiritual Director's Institute, and the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. She works as a hospice chaplain for Beacon Hospice.

Portions © 2004 by Stephen Ministries St. Louis, from "A Time to Grieve," by Kenneth C. Haugk



It can't be.
It just can't be.

Someone I love is gone
and my life is shattered
into a million pieces.

I want everything back
the way it used to be.
God, are you there?
Are you listening?

I want my loved one back.
I'm not ready
to let go.


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