Inclement Weather Policy (Snow Days)

We have decided to put the following policy in place for weekend and daily Masses in the Blue Hills Collaborative. Our motivation is safety.

For daily Masses ( Monday through Saturday mornings), we will follow the directive: If the schools are canceled or delayed in Boston, daily Mass is cancelled for that morning.

Sunday Mass is rarely cancelled due to weather, but common sense should always prevail. If we are told to stay off the roads in a storm, then we should stay home and if necessary miss Mass. This is for everyone’s safety. If your family has a Memorial Mass scheduled on one of these days, you can reschedule the Mass with the Collaborative Staff.

Faith Formation classes

If children's Faith Formation sessions are cancelled, there will be a banner announcement on the home page of the website by 7:00 AM on Sunday.

Additionally, the Boston TV channels (4, 5, 7 and NECN) will have cancellation information on the bottom of the TV screen. For more information please see the Faith Formation Parent Handbook.


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