The Blue Hills Collaborative will NOT have public Mass the weekend of May 23/24, but will continue to livestream Sunday Mass at 11:00 am. We will keep you informed as we move toward safely reopening.
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Nursing Home Visitors

The parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative are starting a new ministry, providing visits to those who live in nursing homes. We are looking for two different groups of people to become involved: 

  1. Those who would like to visit people in their free time, 1 or more hours each month 
  2. Family members of those living in nursing homes who would be willing to identify their loved ones as people who would benefit from a visit from a friendly face

The purpose of the visits would be purely for companionship, although some people may benefit from  receiving the Eucharist, if that is something that both parties would agree is appropriate.

To learn more about this new ministry, to volunteer your time, or make known someone who could benefit from a visit, please contact Mary Jo Perry at 617-361-0227.




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