Children's Liturgy of the Word

Let's Make Mass Meaningful AND Fun for the Kids!

Children's Liturgy of the Word continues this fall at two Masses (St. Pius X 10:30 am & MPB 9:00 am). At these Masses, children gather with their families in the church for the introductory rites of the Mass. After the opening hymn and prayer, the children, together with their leaders, are called forward and given a blessing. Then, a Children's Lectionary is held up by a child, chosen earlier as the Leader of the Day, who leads the others downstairs to the church hall. 

When the children have gathered, an adult leader reads the scripture of the day from the Children's Lectionary, which uses vocabulary more easily understood by young children. The scriptures are explored through reflection discussion, along with another appropriate, but brief activity. 

Immediately following the Profession of Faith and Prayers of the Faithful, the children will return to the main body of the church for the Liturgy of the Eucharist with their families. We encourage all children of any age that wish to participate to come forward when they are called.

Children's Liturgy will not take place on holiday weekends or Sundays of school vacation weeks. Please check the calendar for specific dates.

Why is There No Children’s Liturgy of the Word at St. Anne’s?

One reason is that Fr. Coyne loves the 9 am Family Mass where he gets to call the children up to the altar during his homily, but the most practical reason why this is not being done at St. Anne’s is that there is no separate room where the children can be taken to hear God’s Word using vocabulary they can understand more easily. The Children’s Lectionary, which will be used at St. Pius X and MPB for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word, is also used at the 9 am Family Mass, so all the children of the Blue Hills Collaborative have the opportunity to listen to the readings from this book, regardless of which parish their family attends.

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is an opportunity for young children to hear God’s Word read from the Children’s Lectionary; this uses language and imagery that is much easier for a child to comprehend. Since the focus of our entire faith formation program is the Gospel message, this is another way of reinforcing that message with them each Sunday.

Does Every Child Have to Attend?

No, this program is optional for everyone, but strongly encouraged, especially if your child is enrolled in our faith formation program. Parents are welcome to attend with their child. Children of any age are welcome to attend, but children in middle school and higher may wish to consider listening to the readings being read from the regular lectionary.


St. Pius X

- 10:30 am Sunday

Most Precious Blood

- 9:00 am Sunday

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