Fr. David O'Leary

Temporary Administrator of St. Anne's October 2013 to June 2014

When Fr. O'Leary arrived he stated, "I do not where to begin." So he rolled up his sleeves and began.
He cleaned under the pews, vacuumed the rugs every week, cleaned the rest rooms and cleaned and organized the rectory by himself. He cleaned up dirty floors, imbedded dirt in rugs, dirty restrooms, stacks and stacks of old bulletins, etc.

Fr. O'Leary installed new white facades around the outside of the church because squirrels had chewed all the wood frames. He installed the new gas furnace in the church and perhaps at the same time the rectory, saving on fuel bills. Because the black dirty walls were a sight to behold, he had the interior of the church walls washed, primed and painted. He installed outside lights and bulbs for the paths because parishioners had to use personal flashlights during the winter months.

H e finally hired an organist/soloist for the weekend Masses. There had been no music or singing at any Mass except at the 4 pm (guitar music), not even at Christmas or Easter. Fr. O'Leary prevailed upon the Archdiocese to evict Parkside Christian Academy and request the payments of past due rental fees from Parkside Christian Academy, returning the school back to St. Anne's Parish. He gave parishioners information at every weekend Mass regarding any decisions/procedures he made and the cost of each project.

In the darkness of St. Anne's Fr. O'Leary inquired about the cost of installing new side lights and new lights in the church and chapel. He held Bible Study, evening workshops and town meetings with parishioners, and held chats every month with the religious education students, all while performing all his priestly duties, visiting the sick and dying, etc.

Prior to Father O'Leary's coming, Fr. Sweeney had the new PA system installed because mice chewed up the wires (with Fr. Joyce's OK). At this time, railings were made and donated by parishioners to help the elderly priests who were assisting with the weekend Masses, such as Fr. Sweeney.
Both Fr. Sweeney and Fr. O'Leary were and still are highly praised for their ministry at St. Anne's. Fr. Sweeney and Fr. O'Leary were highly honored at their last Mass Celebrations, standing ovations before and after every Mass, with a big parish farewell celebration in the afternoon for Fr. Sweeney in March. Fr. O'Leary received standing ovations after every homily and as he processed up the aisle on May 31 (All 4 Masses). A big parish farewell followed in the afternoon honoring Fr. O'Leary for all he had done his 9 months at St. Anne's. 

Fr. O'Leary was the only priest from March to June and offered all the daily Masses, funerals and (4) weekend Masses. He had one day off: on Friday. Fr. MacDonald offered Mass on Fridays. 

- Sister Ann Villa



"Preach the Gospel, Proclaim the Word, tell people God loves them and Jesus is our Savior. I am trying to re-build a church community that has no Parish Council, no Financial Council, no paid professional staff and no laity leadership. To Welcome back many folks who have been hurt."

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