The Blue Hills Collaborative will NOT have public Mass the weekend of May 23/24, but will continue to livestream Sunday Mass at 11:00 am. We will keep you informed as we move toward safely reopening.
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Pastoral Plan Writing Team

Creating the 3-Year Pastoral Plan For Our Collaborative


The Pastoral Writing Team is guided by the vision that our community will be fully engaged individually and collectively in experiencing and modeling the joy of a Life centered in Christ.  Our pews and ministries will be overflowing, our properties will sparkle and our people will be beacons of hope and love. 

The Team

The 2015/2016 team members include:

Gabriel Andre
Patricia Perno
Mike Chapman 
Oliver Lagare
Maria Farrell
Marissa Ruscito
Tricia Hennessy
Mike Peterson
Augustin Ubah
Karen King
Fr Ron Coyne

To read the latest draft of the Blue Hills Collaborative Pastoral Plan, click here. If any parishioner has questions or comments regarding the Pastoral Plan, please call Karen King at the Collaborative offices, or click here.

The 2016-2019 Pastoral Plan was revised in August, 2017 in order to add greater accountability and improve measurability of goals:

Revised Pastoral Plan, 2016-2019



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